Vanossi Andrea e Roberto snc


Riccardo Tomasoni
Week.ly is an elegant chest of seven drawers. Its minimalist and contemporary design enhances its functional aspect. This piece of furniture is made up of a “wooden layer”. From the basement “the layer” bends upwards until it reaches the top of the structure. Then it tilts again. The real peculiarity of its shape allows to conceal the drawers – without handles – which are placed on the front side of the structure. The sides are, instead, made up of mirrors. In fact, this particular feature takes advantage from the reflecting properties of the mirror, thus giving continuity to the basement and creating an optical illusion of emptiness. Besides the seven drawers there is an eighth drawer named “secret” made up of a pull-out fine panel covered by velvet and designed to put tiny and precious objects or accessorizes. Week.ly is conceived to be placed in a bedroom or in any other informal environment. The structure is “Acidrain” finished. “Acidrain” is a particular processing technique based on the metallization by cooling with a tin and copper alloy which is then covered by a tridimensional texture. The drawers are “Redgum” finished and glossy polished.

Brianza Design Contest

Every year dozens of promising designers and skilled craftsmen meet to renew the Brianza Design Collection, an example of community and Italian Excellence at the Salone del Mobile. The new Contest will shortly be online
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