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Antonio Gianfranchi
From the most skilled artisans of Brianza, the concept replicates the idea of an everyday use object realized in bigger dimensions, more in detail, it is a sort of giant Staedtler rubber intended for the bedroom. Staedtler “Mars plastic” rubber for the last 50 years has been present on thousands and thousands of tables and desks, moreover, in 2015 it was its anniversary. The shell in solid oak wood replicates the wrapper of the original rubber, it is also present the Staedtler brand carved in oak and walnut wood, while two extractable containers made of oak wood and lined in fabric replicate the rubber itself. The wrapper can be used as a seat or as a shelf, whereas the two extractable containers are useful drawers to store clothes or any kind of objects. This high design item unites aesthetics and functionality and its dimensions (130cm length, 32cm width and 45cm height) resemble the original proportions of the Staedtler rubber.

Brianza Design Contest

Every year dozens of promising designers and skilled craftsmen meet to renew the Brianza Design Collection, an example of community and Italian Excellence at the Salone del Mobile. The new Contest will shortly be online
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