CFM - Michele Salvato


Marco Poli and Laura Longhi – Studio LAMAA

Modularity and flexibility are the key elements of the Hypercube modular system. Designed for the living area, Hypercube comply to the contemporary lifestyle in which people’s needs are in constant evolution and the technology and connectivity are gaining more and more relevance even embedded into the home furniture. The system is composed by differents modules, some made in wood and others made assembling square metal pipes. The modules can be freely combined between them, allowing the end-user to obtain infinite different compositions that can be also eventually modified. Hypercube can thus assume different functions based on the specific composition: Bookshelf, separating element for the living area, tv consolle. The wooden modules are made in oak veneered boards, to enhance the wood’s natural look, the surface is finished with oil. Metal modules are made by welding iron square pipes with 45° angles at the joints, they are finished with a dark grey satined finish and subtle bronze reflections. The connections between the modules are obtained by putting neodymium magnets on the sides of the wooden modules and by screws between the metal ones.

Brianza Design Contest

Every year dozens of promising designers and skilled craftsmen meet to renew the Brianza Design Collection, an example of community and Italian Excellence at the Salone del Mobile. The new Contest will shortly be online
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