DB Arredamenti


Giuseppe Leida
Is it possible to establish a relationship between the game, the animal world and a solid wood table? Yes, it is! Giò was born to illustrate visual and olfactory affinity. It is an oak or walnut table, realized in different sizes, with a laminate top in different finishes and colors. Giò is declinable in different versions: it turns into a desk, dining table, stool, bench and bedside table. Giò is an evocative game: animal, sculpture, table. Its eyes are opened and its legs are firm and stable. These are the elements that give it life. Giò in the same time is designed for the kitchen, the dining area, the living room, offices and restaurants.

Brianza Design Contest

Every year dozens of promising designers and skilled craftsmen meet to renew the Brianza Design Collection, an example of community and Italian Excellence at the Salone del Mobile. The new Contest will shortly be online
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