Gaffuri Eligio e Figli snc


Anna Migliarese
Measures 220 x 182.6 cm   Ambrogio is born from the need to find your own private corner, your small space of intimacy and relax. It can be also used as a divider between different areas. The booth is composed of three modules joined together by hinges, which allow creating different angles giving greater stability. The module has a mirror on one side, and on the other it is equipped with clothes hangers, while in the remaining two modules rotating lists are inserted. On each of these lists there are luminous elements which make different lighting effects according to the various rotations. Ambrogio is highly customizable and it can be realized in wengè wood, rosewood or walnut so that it adapts to any kind of space and style of furnishing.

Brianza Design Contest

Every year dozens of promising designers and skilled craftsmen meet to renew the Brianza Design Collection, an example of community and Italian Excellence at the Salone del Mobile. The new Contest will shortly be online
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