Who we are

Brianza Design is an innovative project that opens a new look at the values, protection and safeguard of the territory and the craft of comasca and milanese Brianza
The intention is to aggregate the furniture industry in the various sectors: companies that produce and service companies that create and expand their collaboration network. These two realities come together and complement each other: Brianza as the territory that shows an extraordinary wisdom in the mastery of natural materials processing and design as a visual language that synthesizes the functionality of the industry and the beauty of art.

So the phenomenon called Brianza Design is born. Thus, the exclusive concept – “Made in Italy”


Producers, craftsmen and patrons


Suppliers, support in all processes


The catalog is renewed annually thanks to the Brianza Design Contest where dozens of promising designers and craftsmen meet to renew the Collection and to create ideas and projects.


Each year the Brianza Design Contest promotes collaboration between craftsman and designer to create Excellencies at the Salone del Mobile exhibition. The new Contest will shortly be online